How Combining Certain Food Types Can Help Absorption

How Combining Certain Food Types Can Help Absorption

We can enhance the bodies natural absorption of certain nutrients and minerals by combining different foods and vitamins. For example, vitamin C when combined with plant-based iron can help the body absorb nutrients more easily. Many of us lack enough Iron in our diet, which is an essential ingredient in the transportation of oxygen through our red blood cells which is why getting enough iron in your diet is so important.

Vitamin D paired with Calcium can also promote healthy absorption. This is a necessary function for maintaining bone density whilst also helping to produce healthy bone marrow. It also helps to create healthy blood cells within the body. These are just two examples where combining certain food groups can aid in the bodies abilities to absorb more nutrients

How does combining vitamins help absorption?

Combining multiple combinations of vitamins can dramatically affect the ease in which they are absorbed. In the case of Vitamin C and Iron, the vitamin C reduces phytic acid which blocks the absorption of Iron. By combing orange juice with leafy greens for example, you can aid the body’s natural digestive process allowing you to absorb more Iron into the bloodstream.

It is important to mention that different foods are also digested at different rates depending on how the enzymes are broken down. This means that not only do certain food combinations help absorption, but by structuring your meals to combine multiple vitamin groups, it can help keep you satisfied for longer, introducing a greater variety of minerals into your diet.

Examples of good combinations include:

Calcium and Vitamin D

Seeds or leafy greens high in Calcium can be paired with food such as mushrooms to promote the absorption of calcium and helping to prevent osteoporosis.

Vitamin A and Zinc

Romaine lettuce or pumpkins are a great source of Zinc whilst red peppers and carrots can provide essential vitamin A. When combined these two nutrients aid in boosting the immune system and providing a great source of antioxidants which help to keep our eyes, skin, and nails healthy.

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